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Improve Brain Function with Water

Water - You might think to yourself, "How does water help me think clearer?" To understand this it is important to consider the role and function of water in our body. Water constitutes approximately 70% of our totally body composition. Every cell in our body is filled with water. It is instrumental in several ways from structure and function, to being a conductor for our nervous system, to detoxification of waste products, to serving as a transport mechanism for the cells and blood. Hydration is the medium through which the body maintains "homeostasis" or "balance" of health. Without water none of our chemical reactions in the body would take place and life would cease to exist.

The Brain - When water is lacking in the body it can create a cascade of devastating effects throughout the body and mind. The brain thrives on hydration. Brain scans reveal intense heat signatures of people deep in thought, analyzing, problem solving, and/or brain storming for ideas. Heat means the body uses lots of energy. Energy expended means vital minerals depleted. It also means our nervous system is being overly stimulated. Being deep in thought for extended periods of time, means that lots of nutrients are being absorbed by the brain and it also means that more waste is being produced by the energy of deep thought. The more waste is produced in the body; the more water is required to remove the waste through sweat, urine, and feces. Quite often, this is why we feel mentally & physically exhausted after a challenging meeting or exam. So it's important to frequently replenish our fluids with some good tasting water!

The takeaway - is to stay hydrated throughout the day as it will help improve brain function. Feeling thirsty is usually the first sign of slight dehydration.

Maintaining a balance in hydration can have many benefits. Here are a few:

  • balances mood

  • enhances deep sleep cycles

  • enhances memory retention and critical thinking

  • reduces the risk of cramps and pain

  • improves immune function

  • helps boost energy

  • can help to alleviate headaches


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