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Rebalancing your nervous system

Today stress is very common and has become very normal in our day to day life.  So normal that we don't even realize we are stressed.  When stress is intermittent the nervous system can rebalance itself, however, prolonged stress can upset the balance of the nervous system and lead to disease.  On the outside, we appear fine but on the inside we are struggling.

Neural Tapping also known as Emotional Freedom Technique uses finger tips to tap various meridians (acupressure) on the body that shut off the stress response and stimulate parts of the brain to signal calm, healing and regeneration.

Learn to rebalance your nervous system through Soul Journey Meditation.

When can I use Neural Tapping?

  • before bed to help fall asleep

  • when a situation, person, place, or thing triggers anxiety

  • to effectively lower stress levels

  • feeling fearful, stuck or depressed

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