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Cam B.jpg

Cameron B.

  • Sport: Ice Hockey

  • Level: Major Midget

  • Team: U18 AAA Northwest Valley Hawks

I’m actually excited to face this season’s challenges with all the concepts we have talked about in our debrief sessions.

Talking about these challenges with you has helped me grow as a person in a huge way. I read through my debriefs we've made before every game. I would love to keep adding to it throughout this season with you. The change in mindset has made a difference in my game and life.

Thank you Jens,

Camo B


Tatiana C.

At the beginning of this year, I was preparing for a state exam to get a prestigious job and I was losing sleep about the possibility to fail this opportunity. I was experiencing the negative effects of this pressure, both in my physical condition and mental health. I needed help to get rid of the constant back pain, insomnia, lack of focus, and especially the doubt of not being good enough or worthy enough for a better future.

My best friend recommended I meet Jens as she was already practicing with him for the past year and a half. Jens and I met online and we immediately found a connection between our life experiences and decided to start this spiritual journey that lasted for 12 weeks now. 

Everyone’s destination is different, but mine was a journey to my better self. Jens created a safe space for me, free of judgment, where I got to confess my fears and feelings for the first time, even to myself! I’ve learned how to acknowledge the source of my fears and let go of everything that doesn’t serve me. I’ve learned that my past doesn’t define me as long as I chose to break free, by refusing to be its prisoner. I’ve learned to identify my fears and break free of them by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. This is how I got rid of my physical pain, stopped using painkillers, slept like a baby, and silenced the voices in my head telling me I was not good enough.

Only 12 sessions with Jens, took my self-awareness to a higher level, where I feel synchronized with the whole universe. Now I have access to limitless possibilities, I am more confident than ever before. I am experiencing miracles as I attract and welcome only good things in my daily life. Three days ago, I passed the exam for a job that will provide security for my family.

I wrote this testimonial to share the light and joy I have in me and tell you that, even if you don’t believe it yet, blissful life is available for you, too.

A journey to ourselves is a scary one, but if you are willing to do the work, I promise, Jens will guide the path to help you get through the other side, where your limitless and happy self is waiting for you. 

Always grateful for this journey.

Josh McEwan

Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Hockey Coach, & Owner of the Player Acceleration Virtual Academy

Antonia Nowtash.JPG

Antonia B.

My name is Antonia, I am a mother of 2, a fitness professional, a translator and an Italian language instructor. I met Jens many years ago through our jobs. At some point he started offering Progressive Muscle Relaxation group classes, which I attended and loved. We also collaborated and created a combo class, where I’d lead the first half with Zumba, and Jens would follow and finish off with PMR. Everyone really enjoyed it. I personally found that my body - and my mind- responded very well to the exercises Jens got me to do, guiding me gently and expertly from head to toe into a state of relaxation attained through breathing deeply and by contracting and then releasing my muscles, one by one. After the sessions I felt relaxed and energized, and at peace with myself.

I remembered those feelings very well after a few years, when at the beginning of the pandemic  I also found myself in the midst of turbulent personal times, and in need of “re-centering”. I decided to call Jens, and he suggested we try a few sessions on Zoom of Progressive Muscle Relaxation. The benefits - both on a physical and on a mental level -were immediately tangible. 

For one thing, by making me focus on my breathing, on its quality, Jens pointed out a simple yet extremely effective tool that I could use in times when I felt anxious. By becoming aware of the (poor) quality of my breathing, and by correcting it, I learnt how to break an old pattern and how to be more present, and not let my thoughts run in different directions. My focus improved too.

The other immediate benefit I felt, because we’d schedule the Zoom sessions at the end of the week after I had taught many classes of Zumba, had to do with the fact that my muscles were really craving the relaxation, stretch and deep sense of release that would come with PMR.

I have always looked forward to our sessions - because it has been a time that I was dedicating only to me, in a quiet part of the house, with no phone, no distractions…At the beginning of each session Jens would always ask whether there were some specific things I would love to focus on  - and he has always been extremely skilled in finding the best techniques to work on those issues - be it PMR, breathing exercises, tapping, visualization or simply lying down on the mat and relaxing while listening to some soothing sounds. I believe his insights are exceptional.

Each session has been different, depending on what my body and mind needed on that day. Sometimes I entered one thinking that it would go one way, while instead the path that we would take that day lead us somewhere else, which, at the end, felt exactly where we are supposed to be. 

Being consistent in finding time for myself, sometimes weekly, sometimes every two weeks, and creating a safe space to carry out our virtual sessions, I have re-learnt the importance of inner peace, of creating boundaries, of loving and accepting myself. These concepts are huge yet Jens has helped me do so by means of very simple things - the things I have described before. 

One other thing I am grateful for is, beside Jens’ extreme professionalism, punctuality, care…is his positivity, which is infectious. While he can offer very practical solutions to issues that might arise during the sessions, his outlook on life stems from a place of unconditional love that permeates every area that is being talked about. This means that I normally leave the sessions with a feeling of lightness, of optimism, of calm. 

So by focusing on the positive side of things, I have also learnt that often toxicity and negativity are just like background noise, they are someone else’s story, and I have the choice to opt out, walk away, and use my energy to move forward instead. 

These are just some of the examples of all the things I have discovered, or re-discovered, or learnt…by working with Jens. A few pages won’t be enough to describe them all, so I’m just picking the first ones that come to mind. I don’t even know how he’s managed to do it…but he has!

Don’t wait for a time of crisis to call Jens. If you are willing to work with him, he is there to guide you to the most authentic version of you, starting today. I hope you will enjoy every second of the journey, just like I have!

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