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Your Journey to stillness

Savasana is a lying down relaxation pose that creates space for the soul, mind, and body to connect as one in pure stillness.  

Why is stillness essential?  In pure stillness the analytical part of our brain goes to rest and this creates a safe space for the mind to observe thoughts and feelings with out passing judgement.  It is judgement that causes limiting beliefs.

We become more in-tuned and aware of the present moment.  The body completely recharges itself.  People who practice Savasana frequently are able to flow with life as opposed to resist it.

Soul Journey Meditation tunes Savasana to benefit you in many ways:

  • feel joy & a deeper connection

  • feel balanced and care-free

  • feel clarity

  • feel relaxed and content

  • increase inner body awareness

  • promotes awakening to higher consciousness

  • feel safe

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