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Accomplish more with less effort

Conscious breathing means becoming aware of your breathing rhythm in every day moments when you are talking, listening, angry, or simply watching a movie.  

A fast-paced lifestyle creates shallow and irregular breathing rhythm that over extended periods brings the body out of balance and we begin to feel stressed.  

To bring the body back into balance means to become aware of breathing and taking slow, deep, rhythmical breaths even while engaging in everyday routines. 

This opens up an opportunity to respond to life's challenges in a calmer way.  When we are calmer, we synchronize parts of the brain responsible for creativity and problem solving that help us work through challenges in life and demystify the unknown.

With Soul Journey Meditation, you learn to master several effective conscious breathing techniques that help you expand and enrich your life experiences.

What does Conscious breathing help with?

  • pain management

  • improved sleep patterns

  • less worry and concern

  • expands spiritual growth & cosmic connection

  • increases learning ability

  • improved nutrient uptake for digestion

  • naturally balance hormone regulation

  • self-regulate emotions

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