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Explore greater depths of your being

This is a practice where you are guided by another person's voice.  As the mind has a tendency to wander, it is easier to relax our minds by being guided through the tone of a soothing voice.

Here you are immersed with passages of powerful words that help calm a noisy mind of clutter.  By focusing on the words we become present which tunes us to the deeper sensations, thoughts, and emotions with in.  This type of practice enhances mindfulness.

There are guided meditations for relaxation, stress relief, and manifesting. 

Soul Journey Meditation uses guided meditations to achieve a state of Heart-Brain Coherence which has profound benefits:

  • turns off negative mindset and allows a positive mindset to kick in

  • relaxes the body

  • declutters the mind

  • helps with visualization and manifestations

  • helps us better understand the language of emotions

  • develop better intuitive abilities

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