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Your thoughts, words, and actions shape your reality!

Our brains are super computers.  95% of who we are by the time we reach 30 is a set of subconscious programs.  These programs run automatically in the background with out requiring any conscious thought. This is called a habit.  The definition of a habit is when the body does it better than the mind.

If we want to change any part of ourselves, we need to become aware of our subconscious habits.  

When we are in a relaxed state, we become more open to acknowledging and changing our subconscious mindset.  Our mindset is like the operating system of a computer. Think of your operating system as the way you perceive reality.  What we put in is what we get out.   

 So if we don't like what we are getting out of life, it's time to review what we are programming in the operating system of our brain.  We have a choice!

Mindset coaching with Soul Journey Meditation can create a higher probability of favorable life changes.

Here's how!

  • take greater control over your decisions

  • improve communication skills

  • develop growth mindset as opposed to fixed mindset

  • increase productivity

  • build better habits

  • become self-empowered

  • overcome challenges faster

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