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Exercise In Nature to Detox your Mind

Updated: May 8, 2023

Quite often our busy lifestyles need to meet the demands of society. As technology evolves we have access to more information at the click of a button. Though technology can make life more convenient and productive, sometimes our senses get overwhelmed with the constant bombardment of information. So I thought of sharing a few things that help me detox my mind from the sensory overload of daily routine in hopes that it may give you some ideas.

Exercise - Most people who feel tired, sluggish, or unmotivated prior to exercise usually feel a lot better post workout. Although getting to start exercise can be a struggle, once you get moving it flushes the waste accumulated in the body and releases endorphins that contribute to feeling good after performing exercise. Even as little as 20 minutes of exercise a day is proven to be very beneficial. Hiking, biking, running, swimming are examples of great exercises that can help us feel good. Keep in mind that exercise means elevating your heart and breathing rate to the point where it would be difficult to maintain a conversation with someone.

Connect with nature - The wonder and beauty of nature has always fascinated me. I find that walking with my dogs deep in the forest has been very therapeutic for me over the years. Anytime I have a cluttered mind, a good hike in the forest with my dogs always has me feeling grounded, balanced, and more aligned for the rest of my day. There must be something about the peaceful energy of being immersed in nature that allows the clutter in my mind to be processed throughout my hike because by the time I get home, I feel greater sense of clarity and calm.

Sometimes you have to take time to make time in your life to reconnect with yourself in order to clear the mind. I hope you find this helpful and would love to hear what you do to declutter your mind.


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