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Nutrition & Sports to Detox your Mind

Eat healthy foods - Human cells crave nutrition as fuel for energy in order to sustain all metabolic functions in the body. In my opinion, nutrition is something that the body can utilize for growth, repair, regeneration and sustaining life. Toxic means anything that is harmful to the body and prevents the body from repairing, regenerating, growing and sustaining life. Overtime I have found that introducing organic and more natural foods into my routine helped me significantly reduce inflammation in my body. Being able to recognize the reactions my body has when I eat certain foods has been a monumental component to enriching my experiences in life. Although I do not entirely avoid preservatives and over processed foods, I noticed that the balance of what I eat now favors the heathier side of the scale. Believe it or not I feel a lot better. My body feels a lot cleaner and lighter since tipping the scales in favor of eating heathier foods. The way I am improving my eating habits is not by taking away unhealthy foods but introducing healthier foods into my routine. Step by step I find myself naturally craving healthier foods. So far it's working!

Take up a hobby or sport - Doing things you enjoy can help to take your mind off common everyday routine. An everyday routine, can shut off our minds and we may find ourselves going through the motions like robots. A hobby or sport can reinvigorate the mind and stimulate parts of our daily routine that are often times too repetitive and mundane. This is where I find sports help me in many ways. I love soccer! To me it encourages bonding with my peers and helps me stay fit and healthy. It's a positive interruption to my daily routine and I feel so much better after soccer, especially if my day is feeling like a challenge.


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