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Reduce on-spot anxiety with Neural Tapping

What is neural tapping - also known as Emotional Freedom Technique is a self applied technique using your finger tips to tap acupressure meridians throughout specific parts of the body to relieve stress, worry, and anxiety. It involves tapping the face, chest, and hands while acknowledging uncomfortable emotions and using positive affirmations to neutralize those feelings.

How does neural tapping work - Neural tapping derives from the concept of ancient traditional Chinese acupressure meridians. These meridians, known as trigger points of the body, can have a direct influence on our nervous system when stimulated by repetitive touch or pressure. Neural tapping uses specific meridian points of face, chest and hands to deactivate the stress response and instantly lower our worry, concerns, or anxieties.

What are the results of neural tapping - Prolonged stress can eventually lead to burnout, anxiety, and depression. The body's stress mechanism will remain active until the body is in a safe environment. A quick and effective way to shut off the body's stress response is through neural tapping. A few minutes of neural tapping can:

  • clear out unwanted feelings

  • improve mental focus & concentration

  • increase productivity

  • create a state of relaxation and safety

Where are the tapping points - There are several tapping point meridians you can try on your own from top to bottom:

  • Top of the head - take two hands and tap with your fingers on the crown of your head

  • Above eyebrows - use two hands where the eyebrows start at the bridge of your nose

  • Side of the eyes - use two hands on either side of the bones on the outside of the eyes

  • Under eyes - tap with two hands just under the high cheek bones

  • Under nose - below the nose and above the upper lip

  • Chin - on the crack of the chin

  • Collar bone - Just bellow the collar bone off the center chest line

  • Under arm - one hand width below the arm pit, tap the side rib cage

  • Karate Chop - the outer edge of the hand on the opposite side of the thumb

Tapping Meridians

Give it a try - This technique is very easy to use on your self. You can use 2-4 fingers and tap at a rate that resonates with you (slow, medium, or fast). Spend approximately 10 seconds tapping on each meridian point before moving on to the next one. Then repeat two more circuits and begin to notice how you feel.

If you are struggling to manage nervousness, stress, anxiety, and worry on your own, feel free to connect with me as your guide to letting go of emotions that just might not be serving you a greater purpose in your life. Don't forget to comment below and feel free share what you do to help alleviate stress. Peace & Love!


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